Saturday, October 2, 2010

Katy Trail Adventure

Even though we enjoy traveling far away, some of the most delightful trips have been close to home.  I wrote the following poem in May of 2009, on a trip to Rocheport, Missouri.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast, and the weather cooperated for two wonderful days of riding on the bike trail.

Gretta at Rocheport trailhead

by Greg Larson

Purple tandem on the trail
Indigo Bunting flashes its tail

Big Muddy Mo’ by our side
A roiling companion, a flowing tide

Eagles above on warm winds soar
Majestic shadows touch woodland floor

Trickling spring waters find their way
And many a wildflower brightens our day

‘Katy’ critters scurry ‘cross our path
Quick to hide from wheel’s wrath

Back to Rocheport before day’s end
Big old tunnel ‘round the bend

Wine on the bluff top, a great feast, too
The river and sunset in our view

Jeunette Rouge – a refreshing dry red
Mellows our thoughts before going to bed

Spinning spokes in sweet dreams
Cycling paradise – a heavenly scene

A shaft of sunlight pierces the room
I guess it’s time to be going soon

Breakfast awaits – the best I’ve seen
One that’s fit for Kings and Queens

Around Rocheport we did walk
Enjoying time for idle talk

Cat rubs pen as I write this word
‘Writer’s block’ has now occurred!

Katy Trail near Pilot Grove, MO

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