Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature's Way

Nature’s Way
by Gregory E. Larson

Summer came on Sunday

Warm gusts whisked spring clouds away

I carried a weight on Monday

And sat outside to ease the burden

My concerns but a small blip on the cosmic radar

Overwhelmed me

The breeze was almost imperceptible

At midday I leaned back in my chair

And peered up into a universe unknown

Soft tufts floating ever so slowly

As far as the eye could see

Hundreds of feet . . . no, thousands of feet above

Multitudes of weightless puffs

Ripped from their mothers arms in yesterday’s gale

From the ladies on the banks of heartland rivers

The Ninescah, the Arkansas, the Neosho and the Cottonwood

From woody stands along ruddy creeks where the cattle wallow

White tufts arose in the airy yeast of yesterday

To ride free on an invisible river

Only to recede towards earth on Monday

Nature’s rhythm repeated for eons

My weight still there, lessened a bit

And when I listened to the wind,

 I could hear my Creator’s soft whisper,

I am who I am