Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where Are You Going, O Little One?

Where Are You Going, O Little One?
                     by Greg Larson

Where are you going? Can I come, too?

Let’s watch the birds up in the sky.
Ask lots of questions that start with “why.”
Explore the world with a stick.
Discover things – what makes them tick?

What’s that turning? See what I found!
Jump on board the merry-go-round.
Ride in circles. Don’t stop now.
Clouds are spinning, I wonder how?

Where are you going? Can I come, too?

Kick off our shoes. What are they for?
Pretend the yard is a sandy shore.
Throw fistfuls of sand into the air.
Some falls to my head, what do I care?

Grab some crayons . . . color circles for you.
A masterpiece of red and cerulean blue.
Tape it to the fridge and smile so proud.
Then sing a song, and sing it loud.

Why are you crying, O little one? Why so blue?

The world is scary, not all sugar and spice.
Here’s a hug to make it nice.
Dry those tears and off we go
To better places, forget the woe.

Mom and Dad are busy today.
I have time. I can stay.
Run through the house, play peek-a-boo.
Hide under the bed – I see you!

Where will you go? Can I come, too?

You’ll grow up and get busy someday,
With places to go, so far away.
Wish I could come and follow you,
To see a person strong and true.

Pause for a moment, beside a stream.
Off with the shoes. Stop to dream
Of earlier days when you ran free,
When we had fun . . . you and me.