Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where Are You Going, O Little One?

Where Are You Going, O Little One?
                     by Greg Larson

Where are you going? Can I come, too?

Let’s watch the birds up in the sky.
Ask lots of questions that start with “why.”
Explore the world with a stick.
Discover things – what makes them tick?

What’s that turning? See what I found!
Jump on board the merry-go-round.
Ride in circles. Don’t stop now.
Clouds are spinning, I wonder how?

Where are you going? Can I come, too?

Kick off our shoes. What are they for?
Pretend the yard is a sandy shore.
Throw fistfuls of sand into the air.
Some falls to my head, what do I care?

Grab some crayons . . . color circles for you.
A masterpiece of red and cerulean blue.
Tape it to the fridge and smile so proud.
Then sing a song, and sing it loud.

Why are you crying, O little one? Why so blue?

The world is scary, not all sugar and spice.
Here’s a hug to make it nice.
Dry those tears and off we go
To better places, forget the woe.

Mom and Dad are busy today.
I have time. I can stay.
Run through the house, play peek-a-boo.
Hide under the bed – I see you!

Where will you go? Can I come, too?

You’ll grow up and get busy someday,
With places to go, so far away.
Wish I could come and follow you,
To see a person strong and true.

Pause for a moment, beside a stream.
Off with the shoes. Stop to dream
Of earlier days when you ran free,
When we had fun . . . you and me.



  1. Thank you Greg for the journey I took with the little ones. Now back to the real world, thank you for the break:)
    Have a kid type of day,

  2. Love it. So many things in this poem can only be known through real time invested with these little ones (so much sand in hair!). They love their time with you as much as you do!

  3. I really had fun going through all the pictures I've taken of the grandkids to select the pictures for the blog. There were so many ones that I wanted to use, including little James on a snow dish in the school yard.