Friday, April 3, 2015

Too Taxing

Hell on Earth

Too Taxing
by Gregory E. Larson

          My least favorite activity is preparing a tax return. That’s why I hire someone else to do it. Don’t get me wrong—I believe in paying whatever is required by law, but life is too short, time is too precious, and going through the bureaucratic legalese of endless forms and numbers is pure hell on earth. Thank God for those people, who are good at it and enjoy the journey through Line #14 on the 1040, which came from Form 4797, line 18b which represents the total gain or loss in the sale of a limited partnership, including deferred depreciation, which was calculated on lines 20 through 29.

          Thank God for those people who slave away at the computer screen while the shades are drawn, crunching numbers to infinity, and rounding them to the nearest dollar.

          As for me, I’ll be riding my bike in the April sunshine.