Saturday, September 24, 2016

Skating Images of Gretta

It is difficult for me to do much writing these days, so soon after Gretta has passed away. I do like sharing memories of her, especially that relate to her skating.
I am sharing this post of three pictures of Gretta during her 2003 Adult National Competition in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The pictures were sent to me from  an architect and adult skater, Jesse Miguel. These three photos are some of the best skating pictures that exist of Margretta, and they came from a fellow skater, not a professional photographer.
Gretta in her spiral pose (the middle judge is smiling!)

Gretta is airborne in one of her jumps.

Gretta smiles with a look of pure happiness.

A rare winter day on a pond near Topeka in 2007

Gretta's signature spiral glide in the freedom of the outdoors

The skater's pose (Gretta - not Greg)